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Who is Cordero Craftsmen?

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Richard T. Walter, Jr., owner of Cordero Craftsmen, has been in the construction industry for over a quarter of a century because he loves building homes and he enjoys the privilege of being entrusted by his clients to turn their dream home into a reality. Rich understands the unique requirements of building custom homes. He spends a great deal of time with each client at the planning stages, making sure that the client's wishes are reflected in the drawings. He is there throughout the building stages to turn the drawings into a physical reality, and he remains a good friend after the home has been completed.

For more information on how the custom home process works, see our Building Steps page.



A Note to our Prospective Clients

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We at Cordero Craftsmen are not tract home builders. We build one or - at most - two homes at a time. We do not "slap out" houses. We pay extreme attention to detail, often times I personally will do the more detailed work. If you want it done fast, then it would be better to go to a tract builder. On average, homes over 4000 square feet take about six months to a year to complete.

When a prospective client comes to me about building their home, I provide the following services:

  • I will sit down with you, as many times as you need, pouring over all your pictures, ideas, thoughts and sketches etc., examining them and rearranging them until you are satisfied.
  • I will give advice, as needed, and allow you to pick my brain.
  • I will then recommend an architect or draftsman that will fit within your budget, and work closely with that architect or draftsmen to see that your plans get on paper.
  • On smaller projects, I will do the drawings and design myself.
  • I will then go out to your lot/land to stake and "shoot grades"
    (Place the house where you want it on the property).
  • I will then give you a preliminary estimate, free of charge.
  • When you are satisfied, we go to contract and your plans go to final print.

See the Building Steps page to get an idea of the process of building a home..

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